Meeting Time: December 05, 2023 at 9:00am EST
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6.) 3:00 P.M. - 3:30 P.M. - Construction Project Update - Coral Glades HS, C. Robert Markham ES, Deerfield Beach ES

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    Donna Ihle 7 months ago

    I support the restoration of Deerfield Beach Elementary’s historic auditorium. As a parent of 3 Deerfield graduates, a past PTA president and a current member of Deerfield Beach’s historical society, I recognize the importance of this historic structure, its value to the education of our students, and its meaning to the people of Deerfield Beach. Please return this unique and beautiful building to its original condition. Thank you

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    Lucie Di Capua 7 months ago

    I am writing in support of Coral Glades High School. The school has been working tirelessly towards the construction of a much-needed auditorium. Earlier this year, we were thrilled when the plans for the auditorium were finally approved. The proposed auditorium was designed to accommodate 850 seats, complete with a black box theatre. These plans were carefully considered and met the needs of our school community. However, we are now facing a situation that threatens to diminish the potential of this fantastic project.
    The being presented to the board have undergone significant changes. The seating capacity has been reduced to just 700 seats, a number that falls short of our current freshman class size, which stands at 750 students. Additionally, half of the lobby space and 3000 square feet have been cut from the project, leaving us with questions and concerns about the reasoning behind these alterations.
    We firmly believe that the original plans, which were agreed upon by the construction representative, principal, arts director, and a few other staff members, should be reinstated. These plans were the result of careful consideration and community input.
    Now, we are asking for your support in preserving the original plans for our auditorium and to vote NO on the new plans being presented. We also specifically request that the board:
    Bring Back the Original Proposal: We urge the board to reinstate the original auditorium proposal that was agreed upon by key stakeholders, including the construction representative, principal, arts director, and other staff members. These plans reflect our community's vision and needs.
    700 seats are simply not enough to accommodate our growing student body and community events. We need your support to ensure that Coral Glades High School gets the auditorium it deserves, one that will benefit generations of students to come.

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    MaryBeth Gebbia 7 months ago

    CGHS Auditorium Key Points: The below WAS proposed. NOW a 700 seat auditorium less 3000 sq ft is on the slate. I have an incoming freshman who is involved in both Chorus and Orchestra at SSMS at the All-State level and plans on continuing at CGHS. This auditorium's original specs would not only benefit the entire school BUT the surrounding schools and students. We've had to attend events for Westchester at Taravella. We've had to attend plays at MSD, all because CGHS doesn't have it's own auditorium.
    • Original Engineering Design from 2008 specified an 850-900 seat auditorium
    • Design specs from summer 2023 called for a 23,000 square feet auditorium with 850 seats.
    • CGHS currently has a freshman class larger than 700, and would not fit into a 700 seat auditorium. This is generally the case with one or more of the grade levels.
    • CGHS is one of a few Broward public HS that offers a complete, active Performing Arts program including large student enrollments in Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Drama and Dance that all offer performances that need a larger facility with a larger seating capacity for all.
    • School enrollment at CGHS over the last 5 years shows a dramatic increase.
    • An 850 seat facility would be sufficient to host and hold special events for Broward schools and the community.
    • The proposed Blackbox theater would allow for 2 events at the same time, and could share
    the same lobby as per the design.
    • A Blackbox theater will provide a smaller, flexible, mulitipurpose space for smaller productions with a smaller audience in an intimate setting.
    • This will likely be the last Auditorium to be built in BCPS after 20 years with no facility at CGHS. The CG community, present and future, deserve this facility to be substantial, thoroughly well designed, and completed to include these items as it was originally designed, with no scaling back or cutting corners.

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    Sharon Daniels 7 months ago

    While I am in full support of an Auditorium at Coral Glades High School I am oppose to the plans being presented today. The original Engineering Design from 2008 specified an 850-900 seat auditorium and the new plans are calling for a 700 seat auditoriumthat will not even fit the current freshman class. The design specs from the summer of 2023 had 850 seats and included a black box theater. Coral Glades is the only school in District 4 that is projected to grow and the only one without an auditorium. Coral Glades is one of only a few Broward public high schools that offers a complete, active Performing Arts program including large student enrollments in Chorus, Band, Orchestra, Drama and Dance that all offer performances that need a larger facility with a larger seating capacity for the school and community. Future plans for the 850 seat auditorium include hosting Broward District music events such as hosting annual District Music performance Assessments for Band, Chorus, and Orchestra as well as District Drama events which all require this seating capacity with additional space for all Broward participating schools.The Blackbox theater is necessary to provide much needed rehearsal and performance space for the many programs and events at CGHS. In addition, students will gain invaluable additional experience and training in Technical Theater in the areas of sound, lighting and staging in a smaller setting and is modeled after the one at Dillard H.S. Coral Glades has been promised a auditorium for 20 years. The Coral Glades community of present and future students, teachers, parents and community all deserve this facility to be substantial, thoroughly well designed, and completed to include these items as it was originally designed, with no scaling back or cutting corners. It will also be rented out to the community bringing income into the district.

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    Nicole Kearney 7 months ago

    I don’t support reducing the size of Coral Glades’ auditorium. The District should not cut corners on projects like this which will benefit our students so much. Having a larger auditorium allows the school to host its own events and showcase the great things our students are doing. Additionally the current freshman class would not all be able to attend an assembly in an auditorium of the proposed size. The new plans also don’t include the black box theater which gives the theater more options with its stage.

    Coral Glades auditorium should be done like originally planned.

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    Brandi Scire 7 months ago

    Please keep the original plans for Coral Glades auditorium. The school needs a big win that was promised to the city of Coral Springs. This was one of the main points that were advertised as a bonus for the students being removed from MSD. There were promises made that the auditorium would be built and money allocated towards the school to make it as desirable to attend as MSD. Now you’re attempting to pull money away and the Coral Springs parents are tired of the bait and switch that keeps occurring. Keep the original plans of an 850 seat auditorium with a black box theater. Do what was promised to start regaining some of our faith in the school board.

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    Danielle Tortorella 7 months ago

    Coral Glades High School has waited 20 years for its own auditorium and deserves to have the 850 seats that were promised. It would be quite a waste to build something that would not even accommodate even one grade in the school. Please consider approving the original plans for the school.

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    MELISSA ARAUJO 7 months ago

    Please consider the original agreed upon plans of 850 seats and a black box theater. This auditorium will serve our entire community for years to come. Let’s make sure it’s done right.

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    Jennifer Levi 7 months ago

    Please reject the current proposal and give us the option that the construction company brought to us earlier in the year.
    The option we agreed upon was
    850 seats and a black box theatre
    They are trying to give up 700 seats ( our freshman class has 750). This auditorium will serve our city for years to come!

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    Tony Forsyth 7 months ago

    The Board should not take the district's suggestions on the auditorium for Coral Glades HS. They should stick with the original plans and go with the 850-seat auditorium. Plan for the future, the smaller auditorium wouldn't even be sufficient now with the smaller version. Please keep the original plans and do not downgrade this important infrastructure. 

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    Danielle Dunfee, DBES SAF Chair 7 months ago

    As the SAF Chair for DBES, a local neighbor to the school (I live one block away), and a proud parent of two students from DBES, I would like to present an idea for consideration as it relates to our Historical Building project. As this dilapidated building crumbles year over year, I grow more agitated and disappointed with our District and the lack of organization from Facilities. I’m hopeful that with the energy, attention, and community wide support we’ve garnered, the District will finally take us seriously and move forward expeditiously on this project. As the June ‘23 Atkins ROM Report points out, “it is unlikely the building can be made to withstand the hurricane winds and meet current building codes without altering the characteristics of building.”

    The current estimate projects this renovation to cost $16,770,000 – that’s over $1,000 per sq ft! In ‘22 the State of FL had 12 Elementary Schools in "New Construction" with an ave of $269 per sq. ft. Palm Beach & Miami of course were on the higher end with $328 per sq. ft.

    Our proposal is this: demolish the building, while PRESERVING the façade & architectural features of the building, the auditorium, etc. Rebuild the buildings using the same style and architectural features, while providing the school with modern HVAC, ADA, structurally safe, and sound facilities. Inevitably this compromise would save the District time and money. Furthermore, I think it should be considered that this would bring DBES a new theater which lends to the opportunity for a performing arts program. Certainly, a tremendous educational value and driver for future enrollment.

    This proposal that I speak of been presented throughout the community with praise and agreement. I’d be happy to share the endorsements with evidence to this community-wide support.

    Danielle Dunfee